Certified Landscape Professional

What is a Certified Landscape Professional (CLP)?

The CLP designation is awarded by the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET). It indicates the individual has met educational requirements, passed a rigorous examination, and ascribes to a pledge to uphold the professionalism in all aspects of his/her business. Fewer than 1% of all landscape professionals have achieved this type of certification. The Professional Landcare Network represents over 4,000 companies across the United States and beyond.

Why should you take the CLP exam?

  • Be more competitive for top positions following graduation.
  • For juniors, be more competitive for PLANET awards and scholarships.
  • Prove that your education is top quality and that you are committed to the highest standards of excellence.

How do you take the CLP exam?

There are seven sections of the exam. Each section relates to classes in the Landscape Management Program and/or study materials that you can check out.

Four sections of the exam (Human Resource Training, Leadership and Corporate Citizenship, marketing and Sales Management, and Exterior Production Operations and Horticulture) will be offered at Brigham Young University on Saturday, November 14 at 8:00 a.m. (Room A-240 Cluff Bldg). You will need to register by October 9, and there will be one mandatory meeting to attend prior to registration. The remaining three sections (Risk, Law and Contracts, Strategic Planning and Corporate financial Management) will be offered at Brigham Young University on Saturday, February 21 at 8:00 a.m. (register by January 16).

How much does it cost?

For PLANET members, the cost is $250. Because the Landscape Management degree at BYU is accredited by PLANET, you are entitled to a free student membership. Register for student membership on the PLANET website www.landcarenetwork.org and enter the access code ACC08 under checkout. But read on for some really good news!

Really good news!

Since we use the CLP as a measurement tool to assess student learning, our college will pay the $250 if you take the exam sections at BYU on the dates scheduled. In spite of any commercials you may hear, this is the best deal around. Note that any section you need to retake in order to become certified (i.e, score <70%) will cost you $50. To retake any section you must contact PLANET directly. Note that you can now complete the CLP at any LaserGrade computer-based testing center nationwide for an additional fee.

How do you prepare for the CLP?

Sheets are posted around the department that describe each section of the exam, and which BYU class(es) they pertain to. There is also a list of BYU students who have already passed the CLP. Study guides for each section of the exam are available for check out. You may check out one study guide at a time (exception: you may check out two at a time during the summer or over Christmas break.)