If you want to get the most out of your BYU education and love your time here even more than you do now, we strongly suggest that you get involved! This is the one thing that graduating seniors have said made all the difference in their education here. Getting involved not only helps you make new friends and become a more well-rounded person, it helps you gain experiences that build your knowledge and character. It helps make you a better person and on that is more attractive to future employers. So, "how do you get involved," you might ask? There are three answers to that question: the Landscape Management Club, Internships and Mentorship Experiences.

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Landscape Management

Mentorship Experience


The club sponsors social events to encourage and support student and faculty interaction outside of the classroom. This extracurricular opportunity is the best way for new landscape management students to meet and interact with more experienced students. Come see what is happening in the club!

Internships are a greatly valued by landscape firms are are a must if you hope to receive satisfactory employment following graduation. They are a time for you to gain even more experience in the green industry. Internships are also great for giving your career plan a test drive or help you narrow your focus on what you really want from your profession. Take a look at what internship opportunities are available now. 
The experience that comes from working with a professor and participating in research is priceless! It is very highly esteemed in the academic world and is a great help if you desire to earn a graduate degree. All the professors in the major are pursuing areas of research and would love the extra help. Speak with them to find out how you can get more involved. 

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