Turf Management

Turfgrass is the most intensivley managed aspect of the urban landscape, and, as such, there are many careers focused on or which largely include turfgrass managment. Sports Turf and Golf Course Management—From intercollegiate to professional playing fields and golf courses, turf management is a major specialization within the Green Industry. Many BYU students are currently working as sport field and golf course managers. Students in this field can also work in sod production.

Graduate work can help in increasing your employemnt oppotunities. Students can pursue MS and Ph.D work in turfgrass science, soil science, pathology, entomolgy, weed science, environmental science, and agronomy.

Students interested in this area should work on the athletic field crews with BYU Grounds (contact Jonathan Quist @ 422-5510, Brian Hill @ 422-5510 or Richard Clarke @ 822-3498), the irrigation crews (contact Chris Hull @ 822-3496) and pursue internships with golf courses or athletic organizations.