Professor Hansen

Earl Hansen Name: Earl J. Hansen Academic Profile

Nickname: When I was a kid, my nickname was Earl the Pearl

Grew up in: Grace, Idaho- farm boy, loved it! We had a mountain for our back yard, got to go camping and fishing a lot. Couldn’t have been better. Also had lots of family and cousins close by which made it even better!

Classes: PWS 210 = Herbaceous Plant Materials, PWS 301 Plant Growth and Reproduction

Favorite Plant: Blue Atlas Cedar – Cedrus atlantica ‘glauca’

Favorite song: Anything by Air Supply, Abba or the Moody Blues

Favorite Movie: Any of the Bourne movies

Favorite Book: Science Fiction or Adventure – A series that I am now reading is by Terry Goodkind.

Favorite Activity: Spending time with my Children or Grandchildren, I have two beautiful granddaughters, gardening or watching movies.

Favorite Food: Chocolate- all chocolate is good! Some chocolate is better than other chocolate!

Why I like to teach at BYU: We have an environment that invites the spirit which in turn facilitates an atmosphere of increased learning. Also, I believe that the students are on that leave to receive and learn as well.

What is Great about the Landscape Degree: It welcome wonderful students that have an appreciation for ‘Mother Earth’ and all of the beautiful plant material the Lord has blessed us with to use and make our environment, (wherever we are), more beautiful.

One recent adventure: I was able to help my son move to Minnesota. I was able to spend a considerable amount of time, one on one with him. When we arrived there, I was able to play with the grand daughters, wonderful!!

Where is the Landscape department headed? Up! Up! Up! With the kind of students that we attract, where else could we go?