Dr. Hopkins

Dr. Bryan Hopkins Full Name: Bryan Gene Hopkins Academic Profile

Nickname: Dad, Doc, Bishop, Coach

Where did you grow up? Mostly Idaho, also CA and WA

Which classes do you teach? Turf, Sports Turf, Urban Soil & Water, Student Leadership, Environmental Biology, Soil Physics

What is your education/experience? Ph.D.

If you were a plant, what plant would you be and why? Cactus (ask my wife)

A Favorite song: Anything but "Eye of the Tiger" (got sick of it since it came out when I was in high school and we were the IF Tigers . . . can you say "overplay"?)

A Favorite book: Book of Mormon (seriously)

A Favorite movie: A tie between Rudy and The Cowboys

A Favorite hobby: Coaching Football

A Favorite joke: When someone asks "what time is it" I like to say "time to get a watch"

A Favorite place: Idaho Mountains

Why should someone be a Landscape Management major? For me, I love working with plants and soils, if you do too, you should be LM

What is the best part of our program? The amazing students

Tell us of a recent adventure: A 50 mile hike to Utah's tallest peak