Dr. Geary

Dr. Brad Geary Full Name: Brad Geary Academic Profile

Nickname: Dr. G

Where did you grow up? Burley, Idaho

Which classes do you teach? Plant Pest Management, Plant Pathology, Biology

What is your education/experience? Grew up on a farm and ranch and have a Ph.D. in plant pathology

If you were a plant, what plant would you be and why? I would be a potato since it is truly the only noble plant

A Favorite song: Cotton Eyed Joe

A Favorite book: Hunger Games

A Favorite movie: Bourne Identity

A Favorite hobby: Fishing and Hunting

A Favorite joke: A turf specialist, landscape designer, and a plant pathologist all went out to lunch. The turf specialist and the landscape designer walked into a bar, the plant pathologist ducked

A Favorite place: Anywhere in Idaho

Why should someone be a Landscape Management major? Incredible job opportunities, lots of fun, and awesome activities

What is the best part of our program? The teachers

Tell us of a recent adventure: I went down the tallest blue, yellow, and orange water slides at Seven Peaks

Anything Else? Plant health management is the best occupation in the world