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Our mission is to provide the best overall undergraduate education in Landscape Management. Recognizing the diversity of both professional and personal opportunities in this field, the program focuses on three primary areas within the landscape contracting profession: design, installation, and management. The Landscape Management degree fully supports the mission of Brigham Young University.

The Landscape Management Degree Aims to:

  1. Identify, reflect on, and articulate personally significant experiences that strengthened their ability and desire to incorporate the gospel of Jesus Christ in creating and managing beautiful landscapes.
  2. Effectively compete for the best employment positions that are available to college graduates, including self-employment.
  3. Practice and lead with an understanding of landscape contracting at the local and national levels.
  4. Demonstrate competence in each of the three main areas of landscape contracting: design, construction and management.
  5. Demonstrate life-long learning, including superb preparation to excel in a variety of graduate programs related to landscape management.