List of Events

Please click the link to your event below.
Keep in mind that these events require much more practice than merely reading through your study material. Rather, use this material to guide and improve your practice time. Additional information for select events can be found on the NCLC website itself as well as in the event binder located in the design studio or on the club external hard drive.

Business & Estimating Events

  1. Business Management
  2. Construction Cost Estimating
  3. Employee Development
  4. Landscape Maintenance Operations - Online qualifying test prior to arrival.  
  5. Maintenance Cost Estimating
  6. Sales Presentation

Construction Events

  1. Hardscape Installation - Online qualifying test prior to arrival.
  2. Landscape Plant Installation
  3. Wood Construction

Design Events

  1. 3D Exterior Landscape Design
  2. Computer Aided Landscape Design
  3. Exterior Landscape Design
  4. Interior Landscape Design

Equipment Events

  1. Compact Excavator Operation
  2. Skid Steer Loader Operation (formerly Compact Track Loader Operation)
  3. Mini Tractor Loader Operation
  4. Tractor Loader Backhoe Operation
  5. Truck & Trailer Operation

Identification Events

  1. Annual & Perennial Identification
  2.  Interior Plant Identification
  3. Flower & Foliage Identification
  4. Plant Problem Diagnosis
  5.  Turf & Weed Identification
  6.  Woody Ornamental Plant Identification

Irrigation Events

  1. Irrigation Assembly
  2. Irrigation Design
  3. Irrigation Troubleshooting - Online qualifying test prior to arrival.  

Specialty Events

  1. Arboriculture Techniques - Online qualifying test prior to arrival.
  2. Chainsaw Breakdown
  3. Landscape Lighting - Online qualifying test prior to arrival. 
  4. Small Engine Repair