Landscape Management

Following design and construction, landscapes need to be maintained to provide the highest degree of satisfaction for clients. Management of built landscapes (indoor and outdoor) is a fast-growing part of the Green Industry. Management, by far, offers the most employment opportunities. The industry's increased focus on water conservation and environmentally sustainable landscapes is currently leading to fast growing opportunities for BYU graduates. 

Most students in this field start out as account managers. However, with the speed at which the industry is growing, BYU student are quickly promoted to branch and regional managers.

Students are highly recommended to participate in internship experiences with BYU Grounds and paid internships with local and national landscape companies. Multiple quality internship experiences will greatly advance you ahead of competing college graduates and will play a large role in your future employment. Students are also recommended to participate in at least one Student Career Days and complete the Certified Landscape Professional exam (CLP) prior to graduation. In addition to courses required by the major, courses in Spanish and the complete business minor are also highly recommended.