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Industry Compensation: Health Insurance
More than half of companies offer health insurance for all positions EXCEPT laborers.
Firm Average Job Mix
The smallest companies are most concentrated in Lawn Care, the medium companies most concentrated in Design or Build, and the largest companies most concentrated in Landscape Management.
Industry Compensation: Yearly Salary
Executives earn the most, with salaries starting on average at $64,000 per year and topping out at $108,000. Management position salaries follow executives, with average salaries starting at almost $43,000 and reaching as high as $66,000.
Industry Compensation: Retirement Plans
More than half of companies offer a retirement plan for all positions EXCEPT laborers.

A Glimpse at the Industry

It is believed that there is a stereotype where the landscape industry is seen as primarily a labor-intensive, less-educated workforce and not worthy of consideration. This is simply not true! This industry is filled with opportunity and a future of great careers. It is true that anyone can buy a truck, load it with equipment and call themselves a landscape professional, but they are also the ones that are leaving landscapes destroyed in their wake. There is a lot more to this field than people think and truly professional companies are looking for the right people to take their firms to new heights. In 2015, the National Association of Landscape Professionals published an industry report describing the current standing of jobs and salaries within the industry. Take a look at some of their findings above. If you would like to read the entire report, click here.


BYU Landscape Management graduates create and manage beautiful indoor and outdoor environments. Our goal is to offer the best Landscape Management degree in the country, and placement and salary statistics demonstrate that BYU graduates are competitive for the best positions available. New high-level management positions are opening continuously as firms grow with this booming industry. In addition, salaries in the Green Industry are highly associated with the ability to manage people and landscapes. For these reason, salaries increase rapidly with experience and promotions.

Starting salaries for BYU graduates that pursued full-time employment (2010 - 2012 data) averaged between $35,000-40,000, with the highest salary reported above $50,000. Many graduates can go on to earn salaries above $100,000, and pursue a variety of careers within the Green Industry.

This data is not indicative of the landscape industry across the nation, but only of BYU graduates who pursue full-time work.

 Landscape Management Reported Starting Salaries

Most executives and management are paid a yearly salary, have health insurance and are offered a retirement plan. All compensation increases with company size.
Salary versus hourly wage increases with company size, although the majority of all firms offer a salary.
Average salaries offered increases with company size.
For executives, average salaries range from $54,000 to $115,000.
For management positions, average salaries range from $36,000 to $59,000.
Receipt of health insurance and retirement plans increases with company size. The majority of medium and
large (100 or more employees) offer these benefits, while small firms do not.
A 4-year college degree is the most frequently recommended, particularly for executives
and among companies with 10 or more employees.
An associate’s degree or some college is the least amount of education recommended.
Half or more who responded to the survey have a college degree or higher.