Why Landscape Management?
With so many careers to pursue, who wouldn't want to study Landscape Management?
Help with water conservation
With growing populations in dry climate regions, cities and states are grappling with how to solve the decreasing water supply.
What will you create?
The future is bright for landscape architects and designers. See how the Landscape Management Program can help you pursue your career in design.
Reach Higher
The Landscape Management Program will give you what you need to excel in your career in arboriculture.
It's not just for the athletes
A career in sports turf management is as exciting as the games played on them! See if it is the right fit for you.

Career Path

Get Involved


Welcome to Landscape Management

Landscape management is the profession that designs, builds, and maintains beautiful outdoor and indoor environments. Landscape management is all around you - from parks, commercial and residential properties, to interior plantings in shopping malls, hotels, offices and homes. This is more than a $70 billion industry and it has great career opportunities.

BYU offers one of the top landscape-related degrees available with courses in landscape design, construction, management, and interior landscapes. Required business classes lead to a management minor, and a Landscape Management Minor is available for students in other majors. Students gain hands-on experience through BYU Grounds, internships, and extracurricular activities. Networking is an important focus in the program and students meet top professionals at career fairs and national events. The Landscape Management Club, Student Career Days, and many shared classes connect students with each other and their professors in a powerful way. Upon graduating, students are ready for the best employment positions and graduate programs with the skills needed to appreciate, create, and manage beautiful landscapes.